Natural Low Back Pain Remedies

Low Back pain is a persistent aching, pain, or stiffness.

Most people are unaware of things they do to cause the pain, and what they can do to prevent it.


Low back pain is one of the most common problems afflicting humans. It’s been estimated that about 80% of these problems arise because of poor posture. These posture problems occur when we stand but are even more significant when we sit or ride a bike. We tend to round up our low backs, stressing the ligaments and tendons which lie along the spine. It is the irritation and inflammation of these ligaments and tendons which leads to most low back problems.

It is important to remember that low back pain results from the sum total of all the stresses your back experiences. Even if you only experience pain when you’re riding, poor riding posture may not be your only problem. For example, you may be sitting poorly at a desk all day or lifting boxes poorly.

Life stresses that can contribute/cause Low Back Pain:

Chemical stress includes eating, drinking or inhaling substances that the body finds toxic, even if we think we enjoy them. These substances may include:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Preservatives in food
  • Smoggy air
  • Even an excess of sweets!

Chemical stressors all affect the hormone levels in the body, which in turn affect the functioning of the nervous system.

Physical stress includes acute trauma, such as an automobile accident or a fall down the stairs, as well as more subtle forms of stress such as holding a strained posture for a long time, sleeping in an awkward position or performing repetitive motions.

Psychological/emotional stress

How to Relieve Low Back Pain Naturally:

Low back strengthening EXERCISES and STRETCHES that not only helps your low back pain but also improve your physical conditioning and your over all health.
Some exercises you can do are: Sit-ups, low back extensions, squats
Some stretches you can do are: abdominal and low back muscle stretch and also quads and hamstring stretch
While lying down, try bringing your knees up to your chest, then put a little pressure on your knees. Stretch, then relax, if you feel pain, stop.
– Yoga
– Massage
– Improving your nutrition: Optimize your vitamin D (through regular and appropriate sun exposure) and vitamin K2 levels
– Cold Therapy: Ice/Cool compresses is particularly good for the first couple of days. Ice/Cool compresses will help alleviate any swelling. Apply ice/cool compress 10mins on the affected (painful area) and 10 mins off (to allow the affected area not to get too cold) and you can repeat the process 3 times within 1 hour and twice within the first 2days.
Chiropractic Care
Chiropractors treat low back pain by attempting to improve the function of the joints and nervous system through spinal adjustments.
Chiropractors often have different methods of adjustment, but the theory behind the success of chiropractic treatment is that realigning the spine relieves pressure on the spinal nerves, which can help to restore natural nerve function throughout the body. As such, they believe that a “well-aligned” body is more likely to be in a state of natural balance and will experience less pain and disability.

chiropractic care has actually been shown to be a safe, effective treatment for acute and chronic low back pain.

Below is a summary of some of the research on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for low back pain or strengthening spinal health.

British Medical Research Council Study (The British Medical Research Council conducted a 10 year, multi-center trial comparing chiropractic and hospital outpatient management of 741 patients with acute and chronic mechanical low back pain. Results of this study were reported in the June 2, 1990, issue of The British Medical Journal.)
Results of this study concluded the following:
• Chiropractic treatment for back pain is significantly more effective, particularly for patients with chronic and severe pain.
• Results are long-term–”the benefit of chiropractic treatment became more evident throughout the follow-up period of two years.
• The superior results for chiropractic patients were not result of trial errors or placebo.
• “The potential economic, resource, and policy implications of our results are extensive. Consideration should be given to providing chiropractic within the National Health Service, either in hospitals, or by purchasing chiropractic treatment from existing clinics.”
• An economic analysis, which appears conservative and uses patient numbers reported in 1979, shows savings in excess of 10 million pounds per annum in Britain by having hospital outpatients with back pain treated by chiropractors.
• This study provides very considerable support of the New Zealand Commission’s findings.

Government Research
The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR)
A panel of 23, supported by a staff of 200 leading back experts, was commissioned by the U.S. Office of Public Health to study treatment methods for back pain. They reviewed the thousands of studies that address this issue. After selecting the best scientifically-based studies, they concluded that spinal manipulation (94% of which is done by chiropractors) was clearly superior to any other treatment for low back pain.

Chiropractic is one of the most cost effective and safest form of care for low back pain. Clinincal evidence suggests that chiropractic is more effective in dealing with low back pain than other more common medical treatments.
Chiropractic adjustments free the nervous system to communicate effectively so that the body can self-heal and self-regulate.

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